161 [mizu’s nande nande ondeh ondeh birthday party]

what a long name.

Soon after AFA was over, it was time to celebrate Mizu’s birthday.


She was to wear 50% gold, 20% blue and 10% white, but this birthday gal boldly ignored the rule. =…=” still, she looked so kawaii that she was immediately forgiven.



We had food. I totally did not notice the meat!!! My failure. I was too contented and assuming an eater. Whatever that means. Santa’s eyes look cute.



We also had drawings. This was the best piece ever. I don’t know what was in my head when I set this topic, but we were all glad that Aki picked it and drew it. Hahaha.


One of Mizu’s pieces. Cute right? She kept to the Glubernation theme we set. So sad that the two organisers did not keep to the theme while she did. Well, I guess that is another reason why we forgive her no-gold appearance.


We had cake and gave her our joint gift, which was funny enough an experience. Tabo-kun came to join in in the photo taking with his hello kitty hat. Aki remembered that we wanted to poke a piece of decoration into the cake and so she made the flag.


And then we had more gifts. The day did not just end that way, but I am trying to keep the photos to a minimum… dun wana photo-bomb my photo blog too much. Lols.

{ondeh ondeh nande nande}


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