160 [AFA12 6-v-6 Day 2]

Here are the favoured Day 2 photos. As I was looking through the photos, I was wondering why did I arrange so little photos for Day 2 to be posted here… but well, too lazy to go get more.
These are just so cute.


Saw Yue as well, but that was at the beginning of the day, when I have yet prepared my camera, and we are rushing.





Was so lucky to pass by when he wanted a photo with Zaku~


Cosplayer: Mikoto


Most were shocked when Mikoto spoke…. hahaa, I knew Mikoto was a male from the brochure picture, but I didn’t know this was him. How does people manage to look so different?


We saw YUKIO~ while we were waiting for Reika to appear. And what luck it was, Yukio was really friendly, so we became friends.

Cosplayer: Aki as Rin / xXZeroCrossXx as Yukio


Her green lamp lights up too! Kawaii desu shou?

Cosplayer: Mizu as Neon Genesis Evangelion Petite Figurine Angel


Their colours are so pretty. Everyone was happy that we get to see Reika. (^____^)V

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comWe saw Kirihara, so had to stop for a photo before leaving the Canon stage after Reika meet-and-greet was over. Later, I was told that Kirihara’s friends were fooling around behind my back ((@__@))

{End of Day 2}


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