147 [the power of we]

I pondered over what to write again for this blog action day, as per usual. This year’s topic was well-chosen. It was something closer to my heart than anything. Saying, “the power of WE” in my mind creates reverberations of all the moments in the past where I had felt something related to this topic.

I had wanted to use a photo to illustrate the point and settle this blog post just like that. But as the day draws nearer, I begin to doubt my initial view. I have no idea at all how ONE photo could perfectly show my thoughts to the world. Thus I came up with this post.

Months and months and months ago, M was shocked that I had painted over my Cardcaptor Sakura puzzle (the biggest puzzle I had ever done) in grey and used gold to paint out the words she said to me, which affected me so much: We are born to be amazing.


I told her then that Sakura had been with me for so long, and I have outgrown it. In fact, I had outgrown it when I had completed it. But the massiveness of the puzzle work would be destroyed if I were to throw the puzzle away or to crumble it back into the 1000 small pieces it had started out in. So I had chosen to paint over it. To her continued disappointment, I had painted over the TOP surface instead of the bottom. (To my defense, Sakura had been with me for years before I painted it over)

But this project, while the fonts were not properly aligned and etc, was one of my favourites. Sure, I will one day paint over it to properly do the fonts again, but it reminded me so many times when I need to that we are all amazing. When I am feeling down, I chanced upon this sentence (it is HARD not to when it is so huge on the wall in the tiny room) and feel better. It had changed places already, but well, the significance of it were unchanged.

Looking at this sentence, it reminded me of so many things. We who are anime fans who were affected by the works of the creators of anime and manga so many times, people who had then create their own “fan works” and affect us more as well as the creators themselves. It reverberated all over the pond, creating more and more circles on the surface of water. Cosplayers who made the 2D into 3D countless times, working for months to present a few hours of life to a character… It was through this anime-manga-cosplay circle that I had felt the power of the human.. so strong, so amazing, so resilience despite the many many misjudgments upon us all.

Then, outside of the pond.

Lights out all over the world with consciousness of the environment. Tsunami in different parts of the world and how quickly/slowly (and painstakingly) the people had recovered. Pieces of arts and photographers by my favourite artists who make me want to create as well.

People like Zemotion, Elena Kalis, Kellie of Le Zoe Musings… have they not influenced me in so many more ways than one? I could see their works, and somehow, I could not help but think of the hours they had burnt to present their images and their story. They made the world more interesting and beautiful. Zemotion made me want to take more beautiful photos, Elena Kalis made me want to learn how to swim, Kellie made me want to be more creative. And both Kellie and Carrie from DreamGreenDiy and how they are decorating their homes helped shape my view while working to turn my room into something better for myself. I felt something powerful; a message from all of their works which I could not fully or properly explain.


Zemotion’s photography works on display in Orchard Road.


The two art pieces by Kellie. She was so kind to give me one more art print when I told her I wanted to give one to my mentor. The ok, breathe and drink matcha tea is for myself, it made me feel so calm it was amazing. I really don’t know how to explain it.

This is the Underwater Carousel by Elena Kalis. I had shared it a few times with others. It was so breathtakingly beautiful.

People like Taylor Swift made me face myself more frankly. Bands like L’arc~En~Ciel and X-Japan influenced me with their magic in music. I enjoyed reading Emma Watson’s thoughts and posts through her facebook – they were so insightful.

Taylor Swift



All these were the people who had influenced me somehow or another. These were the people who had shown how powerful they could be, and how powerful we could also be, if we work hard in that correct direction.

And of course, I have to mention Mizu and Aki, who have so much common sense it was impossible to not to rub off a bit from them. And their amazing cosplays and artworks. Becoming a part of Zero Antiquity was such a joy. And there are so many many more!


Mizu in cosplay


Aki in cosplay.  Aki also created the cover of my book (not published) after I had illustrated what I wanted. She is the only one among us who could draw freestyle with marker on paper and have us all gushing over it.

See how powerful these people are? We ARE powerful! Embrace that, and remember that we have the power to influence positivity in others and made their days so much more beautiful.


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