143 [sorting]

ok, so I am into sorting lately. Just kidding. I am not.
Just that every animal had their lazy and diligent period and I happen to chalk up too many tasks on the list.

This particular task I am going to show is making use of the cardboard core of the huge tapes. I noticed that my previous company was throwing them away and managed to savage them. Eventually, the colleagues saw me saving them up for something (unknown at that time) and started passing me the cores after the tape runs out. Well, I managed to save too many before I left the company, but here’s what I used as much as I can use for:

Sorting. Ya.

Material board>

1. the cardboard core of the tape | 2. cloth from old business top | 3. end products

So, I painted the tape cores black outside and white inside (why?? because white makes seeing easier + black = no sign of age) and used to put them side by side in a container. They keep their position as they were packed tight, but a problem exists:

my hair clips and etc keep escaping their barriers via the bottom.

So came the solution = cloth.

I wanted to tape the cloth, but I hate fixing things…. I love the idea of being able to change my mind or change the cloths, so when I pull out this old business top that I love (and thus could not throw)  but can’t wear anymore (due to colour stain patches), I found my 2nd solution. The sleeve area of the top could be used to be looped over the tape core. When they are sealed at the bottom, they will form a nice bag for the trinkets to stay.

I estimated the length too short, forgetting that I need to hem the cloth after cutting. But once you get the hang of it, you could make about 3 on each female sleeve (males are troublesome because their sleeves are too wide). As you can see, I made use of the sleeve to make little collars for them too.  Those are easier – my sleeves come with tying strings. So they are rather like apron. All I need to do is to seal off the bottom. Done.


And to show you the inside, which I don’t know why I need to show you that, but ya I guess I have nothing better to do:


Now you know why I am known as the “green” one in almost every environment I am caught stealing tape cores in (ok, I don’t take them anymore since I have more than enough that I have to throw away) or some other things.


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