139 [photo cubes]


Resulting from a failed business venture at blogshop (oh we all had this experience, don’t we?) I was left with A LOT OF BUSINESS CARDS, both sided printed. So it was impossible to use the blank side as a cue card, since there aren’t any blank side. Well, in any case, I went online to search for a way to recycle the business cards.

The best option so far wasn’t really good, but it appealed to the artsy side of me…..


Bascially, you could make a cube with the business cards by folding them and assembling, making use of the folds to hold the cube together (so NO GLUE is required). I followed the website step by step, but now that I went back to find it, I see that you can make use of MORE cards to make a neater cubes. I don’t need it, so please only use the 6 cubes formula with this:

the cube tutorial

So, after that, I was still unsatisfied. I mean, that is NOT recycling. The truth of recycling is to make useful products. So I thought about it and went ahead to do photo cubes.

Step 1) You follow the tutorial above using the 6 cards formula.

Step 2) I used some of the leftover yarn I had and made a string. With a knot big enough, I could anchor the string without glue.


Step 3) Select enough photos you want and print them out according to the size of the cube. Then cut them out.


Step 5) Paste them onto the cubes, making sure you DO NOT glue down the last flap for the box to be able to open and close.


And they were beautiful gifts for my friends on my birthday this year, stuffed with sweets. A had a nice time spinning the cubes  +V+ and the best part is – with these photo cubes, they both had no arguments about me printing their faces out =)


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