138 [photo-spam]

Just a quick update,

The memories of the past cosplay events.. I am sorry for the photo spams, but well, it had to be done. I will continue to post until I can finally close all my cosplay event chapters of the past. We all need to move on. I need to stop having backlog. Not that anyone is waiting for my photos.


Today was a day with a lot of memories. I finally placed my butt back in dA to clear all the notisfication. I am making progress~ I am making progress. Seeing the people I admire and their works, watching how they had grown over ten years or not, make me feel like I gotta stop just being a typical Singaporean. Don’t get me wrong. I had been feeling that way these couple of months. It just keep getting stronger with what I read and what I listen and what I see.

And I think it is right. We only have one life; all of us.


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