134 [blog action day]

Have you registered your blog yet?

I have forgotten how many years had I registered my blog, but this is the first year I am doing it for this blog. Woooohoooo~ I hope BAA will do well on its first BAD.

Ok, all these shortcuts are feeling weird. Well, in anycase, if you want to, you can registered for Blog Action Day at: right over here

This year, the topic is the power of We. I am sure we can do something about it. October 15, wait for me!

Oh ya. I forgot to P.s. As a side mention, I was checking my site stats for B.A.D, and I realised in shock that for one of the weeks, I had like 100 over visitors……… whuttt? For lit ole’ me without my anime juves? I am really starting to wonder what happened that day.


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