Ahh, I finally got down to making this post! I do owe Wyrrd Rune Productions a good post after asking permission to feature them but never did do it. So here goes.

I have always been supportive of local designers. I mean, we don’t have things like Esty, etc, but we DO have our own talents, and really, they need the chance to shine. Today I will be showcasing WYRRD RUNE PRODUCTIONS (thereafter called WRP in this post)

I first knew about them when I was browsing sgcafe’s old market forums for some good old alternative fashion, that was years ago. Then, this gentle lady which is the powerhouse and design master of WRP had amazed me with her range of accessories. Promised to be suitable for Gothic and Victorian styled, they were all handmade and yes, self-designed.

These were some of my favourite designs, and they have combs, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, wristcuffs, etc. There are just too many.

When we talk about designing, I always had this fear of being unable to continue for wells are bound to dry and creativity has to reach a point where …. well, it ends. But for years, since I bought my first choker (yes, it was from WRP) and up till now, my 4th purchase? WRP is still going strong.

Just look at the range of beautiful products! I can’t take my eyes of them!

Well, other than being an eye candy, there is ONE thing that I can promise you about WRP…. that is how comfy the products are! I never scratched my neck once while wearing their chokers. It was never uncomfortable. I love how thoughtful WRP is in making sure that their pieces remain wearable. That is something uncommon nowadays.

Wyrrd Rune Productions

Yes, that is me wearing the Forbidden choker on my birthday. No discomfort at all! Not even from the chain! oh, and let’s just pretend you can’t see my real hair popping out.

Another aspect of WRP is that with each piece, WRP will detail down the materials used, the reasons for the designs, and the story behind the inspiration. Isn’t that really tedious? Yet, WRP managed to write down every single bit of that tiny details which definitely delights the buyer (yes, me!) Each piece has the story behind their creation, and most of their pieces are unique. ONE PIECE ONLY. Buy now or never groan about your regrets.

Lately, WRP had been working and had churned out new designs. I sneakily took a print screen of some of their latest designs. Indulge.

Now, if you want to shop now, or indulge in more eye candy, you can go over here:
blog shop
own a shop

OR you can search for Wyrrd Rune Productions on facebook. Yep, they are available there as well.


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