HUNDRED ONE [42/365]

Remember I said I was at Cosfest? In Singapore, Cosfest is a very very long running cosplay event. It had been there for the 11th year this year.

The point of this photo is the cosplayer below. I stood there while they got into position and arranged their various tails, and then, I took a few pictures. The next day, I saw this cosplayer again. And I kept thinking that she is very beautiful, and if she is a new cosplayer or a foreign one, since this year event had a lot of foreigners.

And…. On the second day, I was shocked to my life when I realised that it is not only a MALE COSPLAYER, but also SOMEONE I KNOW!!!

Max, I have truly been tricked by you for two days. I don’t believe this. How can a guy look better than a girl in girl’s clothes? M said that it was the perfect image of a girl. I can’t shake it off my head.


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