I love finding new stores! Like that red store previously featured.

This is apparently another of Cotton On’s stores. But it has nothing to do with the clothes and accessories. This time, it is Stationery!

Introducing, TYPO!

These are my purchases. I will update a photo of the store next time.. I forgot to upload the pic. IN any case, my purchases (clockwise from left):

  • disposable camera that cost SGD5 if you purchase something from the store, which is a huge discount. There are several frames, and also variants of the camera with their series of frames. This is the one we liked best.
  • small Canvas print, 3 for SGD10. I got only one at SGD5.95 because I can’t see myself buying the rest, which I can’t feel anything for. This one? Give me a bull head and feathers, I am convinced. It’s sold.
  • “tweetWorthy” stamp @ SGD3.50. Self-inked.
  • moustache rack hanger…. I been wanting a rack hanger and have not found one. Just when I found one ytd, I saw this today. After creating and cosplaying  the Traveller, I am too tempted to buy this. So it went into the basket as well. I forgot the price though. About SGD11?
  • and I love their bag!!!

I wanted to buy their world map cloth sling bag for SGD5 too, but it is too small for my usage and the cloth is too thin.

Testing the tweet Worthy Stamp below. *grins*

And a close up of the camera… I intended to use it, but apparently, you have to develop it after you use it … and promptly too. I am nervous… in this age of digital, here I am, waiting anxiously to use film. *imagines giggles nervously* But I am upset that it’s written on the product that the film company will not return the camera…. I WANT IT BACK even if it is disposable.

I seriously hope I can operate it.


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