FORTY [steampunk-y candle holder]

Oh hey, I am forty years old! Sories, I mean, forty posts old.

Have you seen this?

This is a candle holder I bought from King and King Wong (which we called King Kong for short, since the name is pretty tough on the memory/tongue combination. For a long time, I had no idea what I wanted to put into the container, so the chanel ribbon I got from Christmas gift got it’s temporary residence. Until, I get an idea.

Weren’t we doing steampunk?

Well, I say, I did it quite ok, right? I even put the candle to show you guys how it looked with the candle, but I didn’t burn of course.

Now, if I grew tired of this STEAMPUNK theme, I can always remove it and toss in some beads, or maybe

have the RIBBONS in it, like I did initially for a SOFT LOOK;

use tiny wooden sticks/pegs to circle the inner circumference, toss in some fake greens and a few tiny animals to form a FARM ANIMAL theme;

line the inside with coloured transparent sheets so that when I light up the candle, the room is so much more colourful~

Alternatively, if Mr. Frosty is thin/small enough, add in a few Styrofoam balls from leftover of packing materials (as a form of recycling too!) and have a Christmas-themed candle holder!

Or I can toss in a few of those tiny jewelleries I don’t use anymore and have a really girly one

Tiny feathers works too! And paper-cut butterflies, flowers, etc!

If not, I can add some dried flowers and have a real SECRET GARDEN THEME. So long as it can withstand the heat of a candle. It all depends on the trinkets I have, and the vision I have in mind.


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