THIRTY-SIX [piece of sky]

Another easter egg… my 6th. I counted.

This time, the theme is sky and birds….. I had to work with adapting because my initial ideas would not work. It is weird how you came up with the idea for the egg/work with an item, and that item ended up not being used in the egg/work.

Anyway, even as there are changes to it, the initial idea is more or less this:

but as you can see, it is not suitable… the traditional baby sling had to go….

but I still did not want to abandon my idea…. so I came up with a thinner sling. And all that it is missing now is a big bird to carry it… yes, my image has a bird to carry the sling.

It is now being held by my letter opener…. which will change… wooden sticks are more suitable, and I do need my letter opener…. not that it is a must to use letter openers to open letters.


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