THIRTY-FIVE [le petit prince]

I was working on this, which is one of the hardest challenge of all… birthday present for Mizu. Because it is hard, I used 3 reference pictures and listened to Hikaru no Go anime. This is before. When I took a little break. Haven added the stars on the collars yet. It was supposed to go into the water globe, but it turned out to be too big.

Oh yes, that screw driver behind is my only tool. I used my hands and the screw driver for the entire claying process, which turns out to be more scuplturing.

One of the reference picture is the pose I had her do when she was cosplaying as the little prince.

I realised too late that I did not make the head turn… and all because two of the reference pictures were looking straight ahead.

Final product, I snatched the photo from Mizu’s blog, because I realised I forgot to take a photo of the end product………………. =..= I ran all around the house when it was completed, feeling very happy. Somehow, we both got her little prince stuff… -..-


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