TWENTY-SEVEN [gundam, cup noodles, model kit]

The first time, and every subsequent time I see it, I am reminded of Kinder Joy, one of the happiness of my childhood though I never liked the chocolate and could have gone for better toys. It was about the Joy, you see.

So, when Piggy showed me this, posted this on my private blog, I was happy. I first saw it on zemotion’s (one of my fave photographers) website, and I wanted one, but did not know how to get my hands on one. Seeing it, no matter how many times, still feels so good and happy.

Sometimes, you don’t have to own the thing to feel happy about it. Just seeing a picture of it will do just as well.

So, I have to really really thank Piggy. I had never thought she would be one of those who like Gundam, and it’s really nice to meet another fan-from-someone-i-know-only-on-net. Nice surprise! Kinder Joy!

P.S., Zaku is one of my favourites, since I love the eye.

And here’s the msg she left: “because I know you’ll appreciate it’s coolness :D”


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