TWENTY-EIGHT [mini forest]

I was just looking through the photo-intense post I had about our annual gathering for 2011. Just reliving the moment for a moment. And I saw the “mini forests” mr. Postman and I made for our second year of annual gathering. That was the Alice in Wonderland gathering. This time round, it was not me that was in charge of table, so I was unaware. This time, the other two were in charge, and they actually used back these old mini-forest again. *grin*

What memories!

These were inspired by an image of a Japan band having high tea, and their table is heavily and beautifully decorated with candles and flowers. But we don’t want our flowers to blow about in the wind and get into food and eating, so we got some recycle styrofoam and buy bags of dried flowers from Daiso (absolute fave!!! $2 per pack!) and hot glue them together! I am so lucky to have some green crepe paper as well which we wrapped around the styrofoam before gluing the flowers.

After that, we merely brought these mini forests to the location and peppered them around the table.


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