TWENTY-SIX [shoes]

A last memorial before I start throwing shoes. – Edit, just realised that I had forgotten one of my fave shoes… –

Although one of them was missing from this collection (forgot about it, and the shoe box felt light when I lift it….) but it is ok, since it is another cosplay shoes… – ok, that makes it two shoes now-

Sitting in the middle is my first and only pair of lolita shoes…. and surrounding it are normal shoes, favourite shoes, work shoes, and cosplay shoes. Putting it all out like that makes it easier to throw away. All you need to do is to put back all those you still wear/want to wear into the shoe racks/boxes and leave the throw-away ones out.

The rejected shoes……. All with valid reasons. I am sorry to see most of them gone, but they have to go. It’s only 4 shoes, but the amount of space they clear up is really amazing.   I end up with so many spare boxes, and the rack is free up some for shoes to not to be squeezed into boxes!


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