Steampunk Gathering [Zero Antiquity 2011]

The Setting;

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comThe thank you notes and the fortune telling bookmarks;
The Guestbook that everyone had to sign;
From afar;

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comTail end of the table;

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comHead end of the table;

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comDetails into his goggles…. apparently it’s a multi-functional goggles… did I say that already?
Foodie. Macaronie (spiced) and Chicken Karoge (not too sure not to spell it). Not in the photo is the onion ring;
Cheese fondue made with power cheese in water and cheese melted… or as melted as it can get in the hardly heated water. It’s gross, I must say, so only the maker ate it;
Cheers. It is a ZeroA habit… I have no idea why no one rmb this year, and I had to start it;
Because it is his party, the Bartender had to serve everyone. Just kidding. He was being gallant by serving the Postman who grimly watched on;
Who probably knew what was coming later;

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comNeedless to say, the Bartender;
And Guests came;
Had to show his royal post…
Guest’s leftover;
I like candid photos… I really do. I like the Bartender’s expressions and the Postman’s lack of expressions too;
A photographer came and started saying that the photographer suffered since he’s taking photo of everyone and no one is taking photo of him. Indeed. Because of his words, I approve of him. But then, he went on about disposing disposable utencils….. and I don’t approve of him anymore…. so… ya…

https://briefeananna.wordpress.comIt’s a success! Bottoms up;

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