She tabbed the pen onto the surface of the thin stack of paper. What should the first words be, the soft voice of thought asked as she stared down at the blank paper. ‘Dear’? That sounded too commercial. She had always scorned the word whenever it appeared in a letter. “How could one use the word ‘Dear’ when the one being addressed is not dear to you?” She had always asked that silently as she read the first words on those letters. ‘But… what would she think when she read the word?’ She flipped the pen in her hand. ‘Dear… given our current situation…’

She bit her lips. Anything to distract herself. Each word seemed to have to be pulled out from her pen as she stopped herself every so often as she wrote. And with each word she wrote, it only seemed to get harder.

Still, if it is a letter, it should be fine… right? She stared at the envelope in her hand. The address is right. She had sealed it completely with glue. It should be fine. For a while, she stood in front of the silver boxes, looking at the letter in her hand and the particular box that she knew she have to insert the envelope into. Slowly, she pushed the letter through the hole. Then, her task done, she turned back and return to her apartment.


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