Shark and Tea

Good morning!!
but actually by the time I figured out a way to post without eating into my hosting limit, it’s already nearing noon.

I recently received this sharknador (my random naming convention), which is a tea filter, from XY. I really love it! The eventual official name is “matsun”.

So here’s some of Matsun’s daily life. These photos with Sousuke and Cheesecake are taken with the expert mode on the camera. It’s interesting to play around with the feature, and I wished I had not been too lazy to play around with this mode more previously. And I forgot to include Biscuits.

and today I have one of my favourite breakfast! I had to pull out ugu-chan since he’s all about tea. These photos were taken with the normal setting on the phone camera.



Youkan collection

Hello! How’s ur week? I’m entering into my long holiday soon so I hope things go smoothly today. It’s not Thursday but I’m throwing back to my youkan visit with W.

Such delicious looking sweets! I do appreciate the efforts they took to collect the sweets all in one location!

We tried some of the sweets and I love them all!

These particular set had the chemistry feel and the soury fruits sauces matched the youkan very well!

We drank their tea tooand while we did not sit down and watch the tea ceremony, it was still a nice experience~

My favourites has to be this store by this pair of siblings. The mikkan (orange youkan and the alcohol youkan are just too delicious! I wanted to buy them, especially the brandy one which wasn’t released in Japan yet. The brandy is well infused into the sweet and isn’t forced like the other alcohol treats I’ve tasted.

The packaging of some of the sweets is really too pretty!

Can you spot the sweets on this wall?


[COSPLAY] idolicious

It’s a rather small event and thus there doesn’t seem to be much hype about this event but it’s a rather comfortable event. I think that’s the good thing about small events. A and I costested our utapri cosplay at the event. It wasn’t a debut cos we just feel like it’s a costest. I just randomly asked A if she can make it in time for the event since we planned to debut it at another event. For those who didn’t recognise this, it’s Reiji and otoya’s shuffle unit CD. Both of us love utapri but there just isn’t a cosplay I wanted to attempt even though I love reiji. A has cosplayed otoya once only prior. When I saw this design, I really wanted to cosplay him and I knew A love otoya so I’m wondering if she would agree to cosplay. Months pass and year and finally I mustered the courage to ask her to cosplay with me. And she said yes! I was so happy (now it sounds like I proposed to her lols) and that sorta opened more doors to possible utapri cosplays from the two of us.

Made my first officially entirely concept/handmade by myself prop. But I’m not proud of my mike standwithme though he got a lot of attention from the crowd lols. It’s the first time I made gloves too. The material is bad for gloves but the shine is love. It’ll probably die after another few wear. The lighting sucks but I’m so happy to have found the other Quartet night members. Impromptu hanging out with t’s ren and j’s camus. I’m glad to see this cute chibi reiji again! Pls love reiji more! I have to take a photo with kento. Hahaha A took this photo while i was buying food for us! It’s so well done! And finally a photo of us being baka. -vx

Recent splurges

I am extremely tempted to spend my money. It’s such a good feeling. The only thing is, I’m broke. /Laughs/

Anyway these things make me happy. I can’t wait for pay to come again so I can spend again. Listing things to buy as priorities is really a pain in the ass.

Recently I’ve been starbucks girl.

This pudding is really a disappointment. Give me Japan pudding anytime and that’s real pudding I tell you. Japanese pudding is just. So. Great.

I’m really happy with my cold cup via it’s gorgeous and there’s discount. But….. The cup design makes it hard for the barrister to cap it… Ohh dear….

The salesperson asked if I love blue. I said no. Lololol. My motive is sousuke (and then quell happened to be this theme too).

=_____= a broke vx signing off.

❛crafting❜ pikachu coaster

I made this for R-chan’s birthday and they did take me quite some time. I had the plan to do it for a long time (perhaps years?) but it took me this year to finally move my butt down to make it. My hand embroidery skills are terrible, but it’s made with love.

I managed to complete them in time not only before my Malaysia trip but also for the birthday celebration in Japan. But r-chan almost saw the photos on my phone when we were at her room planning thr Japan trip. Phewwww dangerous!

There’s no one else better to model other than ccp! Hahaha


❴Cosplay prop❵ Anna’s beads

Ergh. I forgot to post. Haha opps.

Erm. There’s Nothing much, actually. It’s rather simple but I like it so I’m posting here. This marks the entire expenditure for my Anna cosplay: The beads (and the elastic string that comes with it, free of charge). The tassel is made of normal red thread and I had a spare tassel part that was the result of a fallen apart tassel (from overusage I guess) given to me as a gift.

To be honest, the beads’ colour could debatable. But as usual, art differences in anime/manga are common and I do love the calm and non-outstanding colour of these blue beads and so I went with them.


[COSPLAY] charaexpo 2017

So many weeks have past and I’ve finally remembered to make a post.

My day 1 was V. I guess people got tired of seeing my V but sorry I’m unapologetic. I wanted to cosplay him one more time before the contact lens expire. And this marks the end of a certain journey for my V.

Dear V, I’ll love you forever, babe. Don’t give up your life. I’ll make you alive eternally one day.

To be honest, while I feel grateful that V has a route finally, I’m scared to do it. I’ll definitely play in when I have leisure but since I can’t focus on too many things at one go, I’ll let my fears settle before I embark on his route. I feel so much love for him… Idk about others but it made me really happy to see people recognise and still remember him and even say that my cosplay of him is nice. I do not deserve their wonderful compliments (*´∀`) especially that lady who said that it’s really on point, but thanks all for your compliments >/////////< may V live long!

For day 2, I cosplayed Anna from Shaman King. That’s very very old school (grandma old school by current youngsters’ generation?) And I’m just like ok there’s an event so even though I didn’t plan for her to appear in events, why not? So I did her. I feel happy that people like the cosplay and I made a few friends on day 2 too~! I doubt I’ll be bringing her to events but hey I gave the outfit so who knows?


Yes that’s right! Hakken! I’m here for hakken! And i got a photo with knitemaya’s shoto too! Yeah man! I feel shy being sandwiched by two ikemen. >//////////<

Ok I’ve confirmed that I’m breathing. Woman needs to get a grip.

– signing off, vx


Do I need to explain ita-bag? Ok maybe I’ll. Ita-bag is a bag filled with merchandise on the bag to be showcased (shown off) to the world. Basically you are showing off your love for your fandom. Ita is a Japanese term for pain. Ita-bag is pain bag. The pain encompasses 1) paying for the merchandises, 2) the world’s pain of having to see something they don’t want to and 3) the pain of carrying merchs-laden bags… Which can be very heavy.

So anyway, this bag is also my work bag, so I need to hide the 2nd pain and thus, I used a rotating scarf-and-hair clip system, since I have a lot of scarves and I usually don’t have the chance to use them.

Peekabooo! Haha

The Clip doesn’t suit this scarf so I had it changed.

More than anything, this scarf changing system means that my bag is constantly changed! I like this idea a lot!

Love, me.

{cosplay} Did you get mysterious messages?

hohoho ~ Finally I move my butt to update photo. This photo was taken in Malaysia, in a studio apartment. This brings me to a milestone – shooting cosplay overseas – YEAH! Hahaha, it is an interesting experience shooting overseas. We didn’t manage to get a studio in time so the members started looking for an apartment instead. This is the first time, I realise you can actually rent an apartment to shoot for one day.

We didn’t really have time to do much makeup, and the shoot turned up into a AM/PM slot thingy, which is sorta sad cos I was hoping for a full team. It’s ok, I got my shot. It’s ok!

The Malaysia trip is full of adventures but the most heartwarming thing is how bro Y-c is so sweet~ ❤ thank you for everything you did! I do appreciate all the small little things!! I cannot express the amount of ❤ in my heart for you. I hope to see you soon~