-COSPLAY- Shiro & Neko //project K

I really want to thank Kanon for going through this with me. It was fun. My face was soo bloated thou, that even editing does not save it. I love adding in the filter. K is a series where I can spam filters to no end.

character / Isana Yashiro (Adolf K Weismann) & Neko
series / Project K – Return of the Kings
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX & VGely Kanon
photography / CosR & YunSheng Photography
edit / first edit by photographer, 2nd edit by Saga Yuui VX















❛making❜ XL’s lunch box pouch

So the last of the bag series I made for my friends. I had to wait for the lunch box to come before I can make this Onigiri pouch for the lunch box. Her name is sewn onto the seaweed part of the pouch. When sealed, it looks like a rice ball (onigiri)

-love, vx

❛making❜ gv’s bag

Last of the gifts! Gv likes minion and i thought it is a happy reminder for him to stay happy instead of getting too sad/depress/upset, so it became a habit of mine to get him minion items. This time, I decided to make a bag for him, cos I like making drawstring bags.

He thought that it was a piece of garment with the button shown. I managed to trick him successfully!

The bag!! Everything is handmade; even the straps, and he was shocked about that. He kept asking me how long it took to make the bag. To be honest, I lost track. I came back home and tried my best to do it as much as I can without disturbing anyone.

The buttons. I like to make things removable / changeable. This is also the button that made him thought it is a piece of garment. wwwww

I would judge myself quite successful considering how he kept looking at the bag even after he kept it back into the gift bag. He said he won’t dare to use it for fear for destroying it, but I told him that bag is meant to be used. It is MADE to be used.

*WELCOME* 2018

2 days ago, I saw PPK and Spy. It was a sea of people but I saw them and I attempted to hide. Jv patted me on the head when they moved towards us and I crouched down. But later, when I moved up to check, they were nearer us and I think they saw me. It is not a happy memory and by right should not be here, but let me say my piece and be done with it.

There are people who believe I should be more civil and say Hi. To be honest, I get it. But I made a choice, and they made a choice. Everyone has to make a choice for themselves. My most civil is to them is not to see them. In actual fact, I do not wish to be reminded of them at all. It was like a horrible nightmare I do not wish to repeat. Everyone has their handling mechanism and this is mine.

I have my faults. I am a whiny, wimpy and cowardly fella, a society failure, often depressed and isolate myself… and I am so thankful that these people showed understanding and love and kind patience. Even when I don’t think I deserves it. Thank you all~~~~ ❤

Here’s a greeting photo of my TKRB otp, Tsuru x Ugu.

They got tired after standing all day for the shoot. Hahaha, Green tea is served /wink/

❛making❜ jv’s bag

Jv messaged me somewhere near x’mas, saying that he got my gift ready, so when are meeting up? I got a shock (what???)
I forgot how long ago that was, but there was this secret santa post and I shared it commenting that it is a nice idea, and Jv just said let’s do it, or something to that effect. I laughed and say ya! But I didn’t expect him to really do it. Wow. Surprise! So I had to rush out a gift, especially when I was tight on cash between all the weddings and commitments. Since I was all about making bags, I decided to make one for Jv as well and since he like soccer, that would be my theme.

It took 1 day to conceptualise the idea, then research and then the next day, I jumped out of bed and worked on it.

The way it is packed did not give my game away (but of course!) and so here are the final product. FYI, he didn’t believe it was entirely handmade. i told him it’s just cloth and threads… yes, it is entirely homemade. I probably used up 2.5 bobbins of black threads on this. The best part is, I got to experiment with new ways of doing things so I am happy.

It’s after x’mas now, but hey, the decorations are still in display aren’t they?

As always, I have to add my mark for anything I make. Well, not cosplay things.. but other crafts that is given to friends.


❛alterations❜ to the aquamarine drawstring bag

2nd day of weekend and I was wondering what I should make. I have 3 options, but then I realised I should change out the strings of the drawstring bag I made earlier this year, so I decided to work on that after waking up.

Lazy to pull images of the previous version of the bag, but I swoped out the weaker yarn that I was using for the drawstring portion of the bag. It was nagging at me after R commented that I should change to a better string. I was lazy about the drawstring that’s why I used yarn when I first made the bag anyway.

Also added fancy golden flower thingy that I got for ugu’s sword, which luckily I didn’t need to craft after -enterscertaincompanyname- managed to get a new one for me after they lost my sword in transit.

/sorry the images are blurry… I didn’t realise it until they were uploaded/

I love how the bag look now, including the golden flower and the “string” portion.

-cheers, vx

❴Cosplay prop❵ Urashima’s kamekichi

Good day!

I have had some time, so I went ahead and finally completed the prop I have been procrastinating for a year or more….. at one point in time, around half a year or so before, I had completed the shell and then the head.

W came by for some alterations and saw them shell and thought it was an armour. Then I said, “ahh no, it’s a turtle… the head is…….. here.” When I found and pulled out the head, I realised it looks weird, like I am holding an executed head, so I quickly put it away and shifted the topic wwww/

Anyway, here are the photos of the progress. will not be explaining anything. I am not good at making stuff toy, and this is my 2nd anyway.

At this point in time, due to the incorrect colours, it look like squirtle in making. I hate that the colour is not as accurate as possible, but I am lazy in my own manner… so…

And the final product. The form and shape is how I envisioned it. The only troublesome thing is how I couldn’t get the colour right. I used to be very persistent about the accuracy of my cosplay… but I guess over the years, I learnt to tone down on that. It still bothers me though.

well then, enjoy the rest of your weekend, people.

Shark and Tea

Good morning!!
but actually by the time I figured out a way to post without eating into my hosting limit, it’s already nearing noon.

I recently received this sharknador (my random naming convention), which is a tea filter, from XY. I really love it! The eventual official name is “matsun”.

So here’s some of Matsun’s daily life. These photos with Sousuke and Cheesecake are taken with the expert mode on the camera. It’s interesting to play around with the feature, and I wished I had not been too lazy to play around with this mode more previously. And I forgot to include Biscuits.

and today I have one of my favourite breakfast! I had to pull out ugu-chan since he’s all about tea. These photos were taken with the normal setting on the phone camera.


Youkan collection

Hello! How’s ur week? I’m entering into my long holiday soon so I hope things go smoothly today. It’s not Thursday but I’m throwing back to my youkan visit with W.

Such delicious looking sweets! I do appreciate the efforts they took to collect the sweets all in one location!

We tried some of the sweets and I love them all!

These particular set had the chemistry feel and the soury fruits sauces matched the youkan very well!

We drank their tea tooand while we did not sit down and watch the tea ceremony, it was still a nice experience~

My favourites has to be this store by this pair of siblings. The mikkan (orange youkan and the alcohol youkan are just too delicious! I wanted to buy them, especially the brandy one which wasn’t released in Japan yet. The brandy is well infused into the sweet and isn’t forced like the other alcohol treats I’ve tasted.

The packaging of some of the sweets is really too pretty!

Can you spot the sweets on this wall?


[COSPLAY] idolicious

It’s a rather small event and thus there doesn’t seem to be much hype about this event but it’s a rather comfortable event. I think that’s the good thing about small events. A and I costested our utapri cosplay at the event. It wasn’t a debut cos we just feel like it’s a costest. I just randomly asked A if she can make it in time for the event since we planned to debut it at another event. For those who didn’t recognise this, it’s Reiji and otoya’s shuffle unit CD. Both of us love utapri but there just isn’t a cosplay I wanted to attempt even though I love reiji. A has cosplayed otoya once only prior. When I saw this design, I really wanted to cosplay him and I knew A love otoya so I’m wondering if she would agree to cosplay. Months pass and year and finally I mustered the courage to ask her to cosplay with me. And she said yes! I was so happy (now it sounds like I proposed to her lols) and that sorta opened more doors to possible utapri cosplays from the two of us.

Made my first officially entirely concept/handmade by myself prop. But I’m not proud of my mike standwithme though he got a lot of attention from the crowd lols. It’s the first time I made gloves too. The material is bad for gloves but the shine is love. It’ll probably die after another few wear. The lighting sucks but I’m so happy to have found the other Quartet night members. Impromptu hanging out with t’s ren and j’s camus. I’m glad to see this cute chibi reiji again! Pls love reiji more! I have to take a photo with kento. Hahaha A took this photo while i was buying food for us! It’s so well done! And finally a photo of us being baka. -vx