{shooting} Yellow Fish Leaf

character / 叶修(Ye Xiu), 黄少天(Huang ShaoTian), 喻文州(Yu WenZhou)
series / 全职高手 (King’s Avatar)
photography / SAGA YUUI VX

When Ye Xiu’s nendoroid arrived, I was excited to take it out to shoot. The location is not the best, but at least I get the shots done.

I gave them all doll bodies and paired them up in the umbrella prop/set.

The reason for this is because Ye Xiu had to go through a lot of sadness/disappointment/depressing things in his life and he had never let all these things get him down. But I wanted him to remember that hey, it’s not all bad things that happen.

It was important for me, that the sunshine boy comes in and passes him the umbrella… that the symbol of “umbrella” isn’t just limited to the sad story that is Mu Qiu.

And who else better to do this than the two aces from Blue Rain?

/till next time then/

[COSPLAY] 唐柔 : 她的过去、她的未来

character / 唐柔 (Tang Rou)
series / 全职高手 (King’s Avatar)
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit /Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX













“小唐就是我的外挂 “



{shoot} 30th milestone


photographer: Rhodaliel Tan
editor: Rhoda / Yuui
model: Saga Yuui VX

I reached the 30th milestone this April and it is an important event for me.  I always thought that I will be more calm, matured, and settled in. I looked forward to it so much, but at the end of the day…. I not only was at the lowest point in my life, but also won’t be able to go overseas or do anything that I wanted to do to mark this event. I once wondered, why did I choose to get involved in something that might potentially result in the lowest point of my life so near this precious stage. I knew that the rant is unfair – anything can happen at any point in time, and you can’t prevent it from happening. I need to grow stronger from it… That it is a trial that I can’t prevent from happening…


Walking through all these months were tough…. I didn’t know how I did it… but I just wanted to keep hoping that everything will be alright. It was hard just to write the sentence above…. the mere memory of it choked me up instantly. It’s a little hard for me to write coherently, and to properly express what I wanted to.


I wanted to be strong, stronger than I ever was. But I didn’t want to forget this either. I wanted to mark my emotions down. Thankfully Rhoda managed to capture the emotions perfectly. It is such a blessing that I managed to get a chance to work with her for this. If you understand the words in the photos that I didn’t manage to write out, I thank you, for understanding them. If you don’t, it’s ok. Thanks for trying.









— don’t get blown away —



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character / Viktor Nikiforov
series / Yuri!!! on Ice
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit /Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX

So I have an idea for a Magazine/Fashion shoot for Viktor with his Supergroupies merchandises. It was my dream shoot. This is not an official shoot, nor am I advertising for Supergroupies.


We have never shot male fashion style before, so we were both a little lost on how to pose, etc. A few days before the shoot, we were talking about it, and the conversation ended with “I have never shoot this before….” and “male models huh”…. but we are both people who wing it on the day, so I merely browsed through a little references and left it as it is.

I cut my hand accidentally while rushing to make up, so I p I p, I ppp the plaster mark away~







[end of Part I]


character / Kyouyama Anna
series / Shaman King
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / Hakuseki Ryoshi
edit /Hakuseki Ryoshi / SAGA YUUI VX
skwKuroyoshi Katou

This photoset is around 2 years old. Don’t worry, I am not repentant at all. I figured since today is Lunar New year, we can definitely go with more red.

I worked with Tim for this set, asking his opinions and showing him progress photos. In reality, this cosplay beat my TKRB Smith in terms of ease of dressing up. It also got the CHEAPEST COSPLAY award – the scarf was from Aki’s and my spare red cloths, the wig was borrowed from Aki, and I have already had the other items. The only thing to be purchased is the pack of beads. I made the tassel hanging from it from spare items in the room as well.

I will let the photos speak for themselves.
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-king out


character / Red Blood Cell (♂ + ♀)
series / Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work)
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX / Javier
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX

Thanks Javier for allowing me to pull him into this cosplay. It was a little stressful to assemble and amend/make parts of the outfit. It is always hard to have to check for other fellas in your team, especially since it is his first cosplay. But at the end of it, I am glad we did it. I really love how cute the male and female Red Blood Cell looks together. It turned out looking unexpectedly cute.

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It’s funny how the tea-drinking became the one with more photos.


-Cosplay prop- the making of RBC hat

Good day~

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I was hesitating on cosplaying HATASAIBOU for a while because I really like the series and the characters, I am not sure if I want to work on the cosplays… and even if I wish to do it, I am not too sure which character to do. But after knowing that my friend likes the series as well, I decided to pull him into his virgin cosplay~

Since I’m pulling him into the cosplay, my plans will have to be the best fit for the both of us… which was the reason behind why I decided not to order any of the custom-made outfits in stores. Because of that, we started assembling pieces and making/editing everything else that we need to.

I intended for him to experience the “full course” of the process, but there ARE things he can’t do and it isn’t time efficient to meet him every single time and guide/instruct him along throughout the journey. Therefore, I entrusted him with some items he could make like the above badges (made by me – I have yet seen the ones he have done or is doing)

But for the below, the cap has to be made by me. I was stressed out over it as my idea of how to make it flopped and I ended up having to re-think.

But the process if filled with pain.. as I made yet another mistake…. as shown below:

After much procrastination and “motivation”, I finally managed to try again:

It looked ok. Only the curvy parts which I intend to leave it or try to make it.

This is the one I made for him. After I completed mine, Aunty said that mine looked better (as opposed to my opinion that his looked better) …. in the end she even asked me to post BOTH online and as my friends to vote (>A<)” .. which of course I will not. She asked me to make a hat for her as well.. to which I am almost fainting…. please… just buy from the stores //sweats// I am not that good ….

-hatter VX

❛making❜ Onigiri drawstring bag

Who said I was done? I am definitely NOT done as I haven’t completed my ideas for the drawstring bags. I feel like if Yam wants me to booth with her, I will make and sell drawstring bags. Just that it is annoying to make so many + the fact that not a lot of people will probably buy.

This bag is a direct match to the previous pouch I made. I stopped cosplay propping to make this as a way to destress and also for Natsumaturi 2018! I can’t wait to hang with the girls in this bag!~

anddddd ~ here we areee!!


-Cosplay prop- the making of 赵小烦

Morning/Good Afternoon/Evening to everyone! Today, I present to you this precious boy. So I have no idea why I am cosplaying this boyboy. ;p All I know is that I do find some of the professionals in this game rather cute. They have their own personality and their backstories. While I do cosplay minor or NPC characters that aren’t a part of the game/story, I honestly think that my fangirling will be limited to wearing his cap (as with me fangirling the other character, biker girl Tuo Tu, by dressing up like her).

-before I start this, let me just say that this is a picture intensive blog. I try not to go overboard with the photos in order to better the reading experience, but the loading will be slow. Excessive spaces in between paragraphs should be photos working hard to be loaded. Let’s support the servers silently-

But alas, fate brought me here and I surrender myself wholesomely… and with loads of curses as I worked on the outfit. Let me explain my issues with the below pictures.


As the above pic illustrates, I have bought the wrong material to work with. Carelessness is one of my faults, but well, the deed is done so I thought I will grit my teeth through it and see how it goes. The process to finish the two long vertical stripes took a long time and I was dying from the time it took. I had to undo the original stripes, re-attach it to the correct position, and then cover it with the satin stripe…. which is not nearly thick enough for me to hem, so I ended up with fraying ends.

A close-up for easy reference. The satin stripe took me nearly 3x my normal speed as I wanted it to look machine-done. The thing about amending clothes is, you have to work with what was already sewn on, and some angles were really impossible to work on the machine… so I had to redo-undo a few times until I got so tired of it and gave up, reverting to hand-sewing. Still, I tried to mimic the machine but it still look horrible.

So I started checking other options. The rightmost is the original product. Then, I tried sewing two pieces of the satin together but I can’t convince myself to accept the line in between. So I thought, why not shift the line to the edges?, and I ended up with the leftmost stripe, where I decided to use. This means, I have to undo ALL my previous work, and REDO the stripes and attach them ALL OVER AGAIN. PAIN. Aren’t we used to it already.

The shorter stripes are OK, but I realised that I am starting to have issues with the longer stripes, as they can’t be laid down properly. I realised that I tried too hard and hemming while sewing them together caused these issues. I was sewing/hemming right at the edges and it doesn’t seem to have much to hold securely. I switched to normal stitches and we are good again.

So this is the final product. I undid some of the portions of the stripe at the top (vertical in this image but horizontal in the other images… sorry I forgot to rotate the picture) as it wasn’t well aligned initially. And I finally finished the jacket.

Next part of the job is to trim Repunzel. I have had the cap done rather quickly previously, so I took it out again and used it as my gauge for the wig to be trimmed.

//updated with trim photos//

This is the look at the end.

So sorry I thought Anna was the easiest cosplay I have to wear. This beat Anna. Though to be honest, I thought the smith was easier before I did Anna.

恋语 VX~