[cosplay event] BUNGOU STRAY DOG – ATSUSHI

I usually do not upload camwhores up here, but I truly enjoyed what would have been a boring event without my friends, and I REALLY wanted to show some of the funnier photos, as well as those with the other cosplayers I found with the same series!


from top L-R: stop pushing my face away, just accept my love / ooh, I have never seen someone with such serene smile when they are being touched / with Kenji-senpai / with Yosano-sensei / omg! Akutagawa is nearby! I need to run away soon! / with the tantei boys (Doppo, Ranpo and Dazai) / Iwa-san is stealing my heart~~~ nooo! / such a blissed expresson / why you no like me? / another happy to be touched hahaha / with oikawa / omg! so stern, I am scared! / special mention: DIGIMON!!!!

lols, x.



THIS IS SNEAK PREVIEW OK! I didn’t even share this in other cosplay platforms other than Alyssa posting it in FB and me sharing it. This is the results of our Love Live in Mall series!!

Honoka * Akiwatari
Hanayo * Mizurei
Maki * Yuui

Photographer * Alyssa HY Chan
Editor * Alyssa HY Chan


After I have stopped gushing on how pretty the photos are, I have to admit that my makeup is ruined. Hahaha. This one is where I had trouble with contact lens after two consecutive cosplay shoots, which had left my eyes way too dry. This, plus the fact that I had to put on makeup outside added onto the troubles whereby my eyemakeup is compromised. No cap to hide it either.



This level of gorgeous-ness  is seriously overwhelming. And this is one of those SUPER RARE shoots where there is nothing for me to edit. The photographer had overdone herself~ I really hope to be able to shoot continuously with Alyssa~






Bye guys, Lots of Love❤

[NENDO] Haikyuu! {their weird quick}




the other side of the net : the unimpressed king

Kageyama Tobio / Hinata Shouyo / Oikawa Tooru

I have been collecting Oikawa merchandise reccently… and I was very much tempted by the Nendoroid. But, as i have been a heavy spender, both me and my friend both thought I should not spend on it. My main reason is that I hate for Oikawa to be alone. However, as Tsukishima nendo has been released and it reminded me A LOT of Tachibana Sugane… so I guess that was another reason why I wanted it.. other than those xian bian expressions. So of course, by a major and slightly complex network of Malaysians friends, I have managed to buy a set of three for myself. I am glad I did not have to wait for one by one to come out and decide if I want to buy it. I dislike shopping like this.


[closed door cosplay] Quinn Erari

character / QUINN ERARI
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photo / SAGA YUUI VX

The 2nd and last of my closed door shoots! I was originally scheduling one more, but there wasn’t any time to do it in the middle of the move. I didn’t have time to do the wig properly…. the curling wasn’t well done. I literally just curled it and then cosplayed it. It was a mess cos I was half packing. Hahahhaa. Still, I am glad that I completed this before I moved. There will not be another chance to do this as if it was a real office otherwise.😛

~ VX

[close door cosplay] YUKKI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.17 pm.png

character / YUKIMURA TOHRU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAGA YUUI VX

Before I moved out of the clubhouse #1, I wanted to make use of the furniture that I have obtained with my own sweat and money and do a couple of close door shoots. It brings me back to the days where I used to self-shoot due to a lack of models…. I don’t have the thick-skin to ask people to model for me… I mean, who am I? So I am my sole topic.

Yukki was one of the close door shoots I aimed to do, but it wasn’t the first. But it ended up being the first I did it. I came home from my lessons and decided to just go ahead and cosplay Yukki because of the clothes I was wearing. There came a mad rush to get all the tidbits, soft drinks and anything that looks like what Yukki has. I made two trips because after my first trip, I went back and watched the episode again and saw that there were more things. It was very tiring, but a little fun.

~ VX

[cosplay] TSUKUYOMI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.35 pm

character / TSUKUYOMI (Tsukito Totsuka)
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAM FOTOGRAPHY

Ahhhh this cosplay~ to be honest, this cosplay was not a lot of joy. Whenever there is a cosplay… when you want to do a cosplay; when you do that cosplay; as you do that cosplay, it’s never all joy and enjoyment. For most of the journey, there were lots of sweats as you rushed to get the essentials you need, there were tears of frustration when things didn’t go the way you theorised it, and there definitely were a lot of money thrown down the drain as you realised you bought the wrong item. However, in the middle of all these, there was always the small sparks of joy as you imagined yourself in the cosplay, enjoying yourself with your friends and just trying to be that special character for that one day….

but this joy was never there in the beginning. Therefore, I was rather surprised that the photos came out this way. While I did put in a good amount of effort to ensure that the photos would at least look half good, I had to admit it that I was not very optimistic as I went along with the propping. I must say…. it is a good surprise! Now, if only all the photos were to come! One more shoot and I am done with this cosplay!

❤ VX

[cosplay] UGUISUMARU

uguisumaru by hexlord

character / UGUISUMARU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
costume / SAGA YUUI VX

AHHHHH Uguisumaru.. the character in which I liked and in which I hid my liking for. I am those kinda person who keeps my ultimate fave characters secret and prepare the cosplay in secret, until it is time to cosplay it. Then, people are like, YOU LIKE HIM? Not very vocal, I know…. but I think action speaks louder than words? And as my friend says, he is a very quiet kinda character so our love for him is the quiet kinda love. hahaha. He’s the second touken ranbu character in which I did in secret and then unleash in event. I enjoyed it. The only complain is that his outfit… while his design is very beautiful and sexy (in a non-sexual way if you get what I mean), it takes a long time to work, and this sword has to be very very light in order for it to be able to hang onto the waist.

Also, I am glad for Mai and CH, who were my cosplay partners below in the series of shoots taken by MAXWELL PHOTOGRAPHY.

ugu tsuru ichi mem1ugu tsuru ichi meme 2

These memories are absolutely precious and I am thankful for the friends who make them with me!❤ I will forever remember these beautiful times… how can I ever regret this? It’s impossible. Cosplay is much too precious.

<3, VX

Eat out!

I got the chance to enjoy a meal with R&W and here are the photos of the food today. It was a really happy and enjoyable meal!


White miso ramen for me, and soy (black) miso ramen for the other two.

Then we proceed over to find desserts, whereby we found that Hoshino Coffee is available! This fruit tea is fragrant and really nice!


Sinful! But we got to share it, so I think it is ok?

[Cosplay] Uguisumaru costume II

Shall dump photos of Ugu costume WIP here~ The photos of the black shirt is already in previous post (basically me complaining about the embroidery), so here’s the rest of the outfit for the top.

Green Jacket, back
the black biased tape was made too big. I should have made it thinner.

Close up of logo…. but end up the photo was too dark.

Green Jacket, sleeves.
old sleevethese are the original version.. but I ran out of the gold parts. There were exactly enough for one sleeve. So I had to replace them for the flatter and more shiny new ones.

new sleeve

side by side comparison sleeve

Mofu mofu~❤mofumofu

ugu belt

ugu sword holder

| END |

[COSPLAY WIP] Embroidery – Uguisumaru

I have been working on this costume for a some time. This is the 2nd time I attempt/make modern-style clothes, the first being a jacket that is… lost for ever. Well, this is the happy blog, so I do not dwell on unfortunates here. It is a challenge as I fought with the pattern. I have yet had a complete grasp of the pattern yet, even though it is a pretty simple pattern. At the end of the day, I decided that I am going to blog this because I believe in the journey in which I had took to make this. This will be a good memory after I am done with it.

First, let me show you the first attempt (where the embroidery) is half complete. It was a failure as the collar was too big, and I was just blindly making the outfit. At the end of the day, I decided that I really do not want to wear it without the proper size of collar, so I stopped embroidery work just to undo all the necessary stitches and redo the collar.


Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.38.07 pmScreen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.37.54 pm

These were taken with the trashy computer front camera, so the quality is…. bad.

After I am done with the blouse again, I move onto the embroidery again. What a pain in the fingers. These golden threads where hard to use – super thin and not smooth, they broke or tangle so easily! I am glad to be finally done. I am really impressed with people who do loads of embroidery with their cosplays (also those who make costumes from scratch as that is what I am starting to do). What a load of patience and skills you guys have!


By then, my fingers no longer have the strength to push the needle through the cloth. It was also clogged with stitches! So I had to push with the table, or the blouse itself.


Then, I had to pull the needle out using the plier. The same steps over and over again.


See how red my forefinger? It was not cos I am holding the plier. My finger is constantly in this state when I am doing this embroidery.


The end product. Looks more like a turkey than a small cute bird. Oh well.