[COSPLAY] -魔道祖师- 渙


character / Lan Huan/Lan Xi Chen/Ze Wu Jun 蓝渙/蓝曦臣/泽芜君
series / Mo Dao Zu Shi 魔道祖师
cosplayer / Saga Yuui VX
guest cosplayer / Mavis as Wei Wu Xian 魏无羡
photography / Ryusei Kan
Help / V / Mavis


I have had so much trouble with this series. I am glad when it is all over. If editing people in photos are hard, editing ancient people in photos are harder. There’s too many things to take note, too many things to edit.


DSC5142e1wGuest cosplayer: Mavis as WWX


[COSPLAY] -魔道祖师- 江 晚 åŸ


character / Jiang Cheng 江澄
series / Mo Dao Zu Shi 魔道祖师
cosplayer / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Ely
Help / V

This series was shot on Mark Sein, which haven’t been touched after the Japan Trip. I really realise it only recently when I was trying to find the SD card to put into the camera to test and see if I can familiarise myself with it again after the horrible results of this shoot.


I salvaged whatever I can with this shoot and I like the oldish feel that the photos are coming out but yes, the quality and colours are horrible. I only managed to make it slightly better.




editing hell with this series. Really.


– timed out
6/6 photos


character / Kunimi Akira
series / Haikyuu!!
cosplayer / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX

Hello~ I am back! This is excellent time to post this as Haikyuu!! just annouced the series ending and I am glad I have something to join in the #thankyouhaikyuu tag. I do want to thank them.. it was such an excellent series that gave us a lot more than I think the author originally intended… or maybe it is as the author wishes.

First of all, I want to say that I did not do as well as I intended. Somehow, I think I grabbed the wrong wig and was struggling with it …. I wish I could have done better in that aspect, but what is done is done and I do not wish to waste everyone’s efforts in creating the photos.

Akira is not the most outstanding character in the series. Neither is he my favourite. But I have no confidence (at that moment) to do my KING and thus I decided to do someone else that I can connect to in the team. Just so that I can have the same jersey.

I think for me, the initial thought was, I can do him! He’s easy enough and I can handle the character easier than I can handle the other more outstanding characters. But after I started to understand him more, I started to like him more.

He may not be the most passionate character out there, and definitely not as hot-headed as any of the other volleyball players in the anime…. but he has his passion and the fact that he can stand his ground with the Seijoh team speaks a lot about him as a volleyball player.

He is quiet like Tsukishima but, unlike Tsukishima, he is reserved. He fights in his own way and persisted in fighting in his own way even if he faces criticism from the others for not practising as much as others.

IN all honesty, I think that is the way he knows how to fight… and that is the way he knows he can fight on the court. And I am thankful that the grand king has accepted his way of fighting. This is very Oikawa. ^___^

I started to collect his merch after I started to like him more and more! IN a way, I am thankful to this cosplay that at least, I can know him more! I wish the anime shows him more, but well….

BTW, after the lockdown was partially removed, I spotted a volleyball player practising in this court regularly. It is nice to see a Volleyball player practising in this court where I shot Haikyuu in.

There are a lot of images~!! We are at the 2nd half now!

There was no “13” when I was shopping for the cosplay so I ended up painting it on myself. I have no idea why all the numbers other than 13 are available for sale…. Is this the curse of the 13???

Recently Oikawa got into the argentina team too and I saw that he’s wearing no.13 too!! I am sooooo happy with this coincidence!

I should have squatted by machine no 13… I didn’t realise until editing the photos that there’s a no. to the machines.
\BONUSSSS imageeee\

ThIs image might not be very Kunimi, but I really want to do this image… pls spare me.

[COSPLAY] Love and Karaoke

characters / MC, Li Zeyan, Bai Qi, Zhou Qiluo, Xu Mo
series / Love and Producer (恋与制作人)
cosplayer / Elicia Chan, Raion XiaoShi, Saga Yuui VX, Panda Panda, Shiina BN
photography / Fujiwara Himi
edit / Fujiwara Himi / SAGA YUUI VX










last one special: when rating anyone else other than MC = any number x0. =p



characters / Viktor Nikiforov
series / Yuri!!! on Ice
cosplayer / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX


I am finally done with this set of photos! The previous sets were DAY and NIGHT, and this is OUTDOOR set.

I wanted a bike to have the “outdoorsy” feels, and so we did a bike shoot.

I think some foreigners were staring and might have felt it look weird. I feel weird doing shoots outside where there are people eyeing me. But it has to be done.

One of my favourite shoot in the entire set ❤ Let’s keep it a little secret among us shall we?

I didn’t expect it to happen, but I ended up having another desire for a Viktor shoot and I shot it already, so I guess we have more Viktor photos incoming!! That should  make up another set and my Viktor photos will be done with the completion of that set.

That’s all for today! See ya!!!

[end of Part III]
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[COSPLAY] Viktor Nikiforov • NIGHT


characters / Viktor Nikiforov
series / Yuri!!! on Ice
cosplayer / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX

I didn’t realise until now that this set of photos were not posted. This set of photos were taken at the same time as the previous Viktor photos. If those set were “Day” photos, these were “Night” photos.

Personally, it is a dream come true to finally be able to shoot my boy and my makeup was done properly. I was very satisfied personally by the makeup and I am one more step towards the end results that I wanted. I actually re-edited ALL the photos from day, night and outdoor sets… but I will not re-upload the day set photos. I will upload them in an entirely different post when they are ready in their final form.

[end of Part II]
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[COSPLAY] -全职高手- 喻文州 ðŸŸ

characters / 喻文州 (Yu Wen Zhou)
series / å…¨èŒé«˜æ‰‹ (The King’s Avatar)
cosplayers / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Ryusei Kan
helper / Mavis Teo
edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX

I have nothing but love for this set. I love my boy, my husband. ❤

[COSPLAY] -全职高手- 喻文州

I realised at the end of 2019 that I have completed all 4 versions of 喻文州 that I have wanted to do! It was a long but not a tedious journey. We just have to meet up cross country. Also, I could do this on my own, so it wasn’t THAT much of a challenge. But I want to thank Yuuki chan for being there with me.

I love 喻文州 a lot… I love him so much that I wanted to do all the officially recognised version of him (note: not the official merchandise versions). And I did it! I wanted to collect all these 4 outfits of his and I am glad that I managed to. 2 new additional jerseys to my collection in the already packed wardrobe is tough, but I had to.

When Yuuki first started our plans, the anime version was the one costume I happened to already. I happened to assembled the 2 pieces I needed before I watched the anime… just because I saw them and thought that they would be useful… but it turned out to the last costume for me to cosplay among the set 3.

But when I finally got to cosplay him, the wig that had never been out of the wig bag before …. betrayed my expectations. I have no idea that the way the light plays on it creates different shade on it. As I trimmed and cut it into the correct style, the brightness of the colour at certain angle hits me hard. Also, by this time, I got so used to styling the hairstyle due to the amount of times I cosplayed both Viktor and him that I was a breeze to style it. I am also pleased with the cutting of the hair as well as this is the first time I actually had to cut the wig so much and shape it into the correct hairstyle.

And finally!! The winter costume! I was a little out of cash so I could not purchase it immediately. That turned out for the best because the official version was suddenly released a year or more later. And while I would not advise anyone to purchase that version due to the … sigh… lack of thought that was placed into this costume. I was still happy with the way it looked. It stayed very true to the original in the looks at least.

Finally… a bonus! Didn’t think I would do HST but I did his child version cos it was cute. hahaha