-COSPLAY- [全职高手] 喻文州

I realised at the end of 2019 that I have completed all 4 versions of 喻文州 that I have wanted to do! It was a long but not a tedious journey. We just have to meet up cross country. Also, I could do this on my own, so it wasn’t THAT much of a challenge. But I want to thank Yuuki chan for being there with me.

I love 喻文州 a lot… I love him so much that I wanted to do all the officially recognised version of him (note: not the official merchandise versions). And I did it! I wanted to collect all these 4 outfits of his and I am glad that I managed to. 2 new additional jerseys to my collection in the already packed wardrobe is tough, but I had to.

When Yuuki first started our plans, the anime version was the one costume I happened to already. I happened to assembled the 2 pieces I needed before I watched the anime… just because I saw them and thought that they would be useful… but it turned out to the last costume for me to cosplay among the set 3.

But when I finally got to cosplay him, the wig that had never been out of the wig bag before …. betrayed my expectations. I have no idea that the way the light plays on it creates different shade on it. As I trimmed and cut it into the correct style, the brightness of the colour at certain angle hits me hard. Also, by this time, I got so used to styling the hairstyle due to the amount of times I cosplayed both Viktor and him that I was a breeze to style it. I am also pleased with the cutting of the hair as well as this is the first time I actually had to cut the wig so much and shape it into the correct hairstyle.

And finally!! The winter costume! I was a little out of cash so I could not purchase it immediately. That turned out for the best because the official version was suddenly released a year or more later. And while I would not advise anyone to purchase that version due to the … sigh… lack of thought that was placed into this costume. I was still happy with the way it looked. It stayed very true to the original in the looks at least.

Finally… a bonus! Didn’t think I would do HST but I did his child version cos it was cute. hahaha

❛making❜ LXC Nendoroid

When Lan Wangji Nendoroid was first annouced, I made the decision to make a Lan XiChen version from Lan Wangji. And thus this started. First, I went to make the face plates (3, as per normal nendoroid trend). That was done and I was prepared to received the nendoroid with which I to work with.

Because the edit was rushed (I wanted to make it in time with the events at the end of the year), I decided to do a temporary customisation instead of a permanent one. The initial sniping of the parts were painful, but once I did the first cut, the rest came easily.

My friends gave me advices when they knew what I was going to do. They wanted me to preserve the motif so that I have an easier time painting it. They were right. But it also made the sanding job more difficult.

Here is a comparison photo.

Because this is a temporary customs, I did not work on the head accessories. I finished it as it is here and started on the itabag they were to be featured in.

I added rabbits I have previously saved or bought as well as the handmade ancient chinese books. I added the lotus I folded as well as the tassel accessories I handmade.

And because I am so extra, I have to add lights.

Since I have a bit of time, I worked on practising my talismens. They were to be used on a shoot but it was postponed so I took a break on it. I ended up having time to do a few~

I am also ready to distribute the origami bunnies I made previously. I haven’t distributed them all, so I guess it is time to distribute them~

I am glad that my little brother is agreeable to my nonsense, hahahah. I know I missed out a stroke, but it was too late. Please forgive me.

Having laopo there was a blessing. We have a lot of fun and laughter and “arguments/fights in flutes” hahahahaha

-COSPLAY- [魔道祖师] 江澄 X Doll

characters / 江晚吟(江澄)[人]、魏无羡(魏婴)[娃]
series / 魔道祖师 (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)
cosplayers / Saga Yuui VX
photography / Reira MP
help / Reira MP

Thanks Rin chan for helping me fulfil a dream of mine~ ❤ I got to shoot with a DOLL!! I have only shot with my nendo/obitsu before… and this is the first time I am shooting with an actual big, BJD doll. The previous set was released for WWX birthday, and this set is released for JC birthday. So now the 双杰 set is complete!

All the origami I made were also used~ ❤

If the photos take too long or does not load at all, please pop over to my facebook page to view them~

And I wanted to post this selfie with him~ ❤

-COSPLAY- [魔道祖师]云梦三子弟

characters / 魏无羡(魏婴)、江晚吟(江澄)、江厌离
series / 魔道祖师 (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)
cosplayers / Ohno Vii, Saga Yuui VX, Reira MP
photography / Ryusei Kan
edit / Saga Yuui VX / Ohno Vii
help / Mavis

It took me a lot to bring this shoot to fruition from planning stage to the ending of editing the photos etc. The amount of effort was so much, I couldn’t believe it for a while. But the photos were worthwhile.

If the photos cannot be seen or load too slowly, please go over to my facebook page to view.

As I edited them, Shijie gave me permission to post her other solos.
I made a video as well but I think I will see if I can post it here sometime later.

{Shooting} Blue Rain’s Summer Land

I helped out at a shoot recently and while the main characters where dressing up, I had the opportunity to shoot my dolls in their Kindergarten outfit and with Bunny ears and hands. I did not add the bunny tails because they will not be seen anyway.

Series: 全职高手 (King’s Avatar)
Characters: 喻文州,黄少天
photo and edit: Saga Yuui VX



-14/14 photos
-dream out。。。


character / Kyouyama Anna
series / Shaman King
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / Nutty KM (Code:Nutz)
edit /Nutty KM (Code:Nutz) / SAGA YUUI VX

The full set is Linked in my facebook page.

While I was working on the previous set, I saw this darker set that I originally wanted. I was inspired by the ending theme which featured Anna and that is why I decided to cosplay Anna in the first place. Sometimes we see a strong character, especially someone like Anna – a female in an almost male dominated environment – who never showed a hint of weakness… and we didn’t see or remember that she is water too… that she is human too…. that she have moments where she is not strong as well.

//NOTE: these photos are very large and they seem to be taking a long time to load//

I know this is a pretty dark theme… and I want this dark theme. When I saw these photos again, I was in the darkest point of my life (to date) and these photos were very calming to me, as I considered about a lot of things… including suicide. I am thankful that I persisted and continued with the shoot.

Now, the months have flown and things have calmed down… I am glad that there’s these images that surfaced from the past to help calm my emotions.

-grateful, vx