The entertaining blue route golden tour driver’s commentaries

The below is a collection of things that our entertaining driver said. I wish that we had stayed for the entire ride, but we HAVE our places to visit.

(…) – sth else in between
xx – name


You see these cars at the side? They all belong to the police. They are not supposed to park there but .. well… they are the police.. so  …

This is nick xxx (ticker seller), he’s a nice person… likes to help people and point them in the right direction.. as well as to take your money.

This is whitehall… our roads are named after things … there are stories behind them… and this one is obviously after … white hall…

There is a blue rooster on the right… a statue… of a rooster… in blue… its a symbol of feminism…. its a rooster… but symbol of feminism… don’t see the link… but there you go. (Later informed by the other guide that its made by a german artist and supposed to represent UK but the blue is a french blue and rooster is the symbol of France)

There! The soldier guarding the barracks is there. If u wave, he might wave back. (Soldier waved while grinning after hearing his commentary)

The metropolitan police there… ohh, a policeman there on the right. You might want to wave to him. He might wave back. (Police waved while hanging from the vehicle after listening to his commentary)

Green Park. There is not a single flower in here. Its all green…. which is why it is green park… not a single flower… that’s why its called green park. Like I said, our names have stories. (Certified true by the other guide who said that there are 2 stories behind that and her fave was that of a queen seeing the king picking flowers for his mistress and got jealous and had guards pull up all the flowers.)

Hype park… there used to be a hospital… free of charge. There wasn’t a single chair. Now its a hotel… very expensive to stay one night…. but it used to be a hospital.. free of charge. (Said the same about another hotel after 30 minutes or so) (apparently no stone leaves here and everything gets recycled)

This is the prince of wales gate. All the gates are named after royal family members. This on the right… prince of wales gates….(……..)….All the gates are painted black to show mourning…. (they are named after queen victoria’s family members)

.. there used to be a lot of highroad robberies … they hide in the trees, you can’t see them. and then say,”stand and present your money or your life.” So they cut the trees here so people can see and the highwaymen can’t hide. (Later said the same about another place.. “used to have a lot of highroad robberies here.. so we cut all the trees away”)

Ya, I lie about stuff on the microphone… (….) if you have any qns, feel free to ask… gives me something to say over the microphone or I’ll get bored. You can also ask the men in blue… the people u buy ur tickets from… or white…not white? but it says golden tours.

I’m going to go a little fast here… so sit tight… my favourite road… a little bumpy (and he went fast and we enjoyed)

Here we are (at the next stop)… we are a little early, we can’t be too early, so I’m gonna stop here for a while… let passengers get on board.

The xx underground… it used to be very black and smokey.. imagine the ladies in their white dresses going in … they come out all black.

Harrods… (…) we are going to stop here now to wait for the shoppers to join us …. only 3 minutes… (ticket seller w us laughed “wait for the shoppers”) ya.. the cafe is open now.. so u can get a cup of coffee.. or tea.. but harrods will open later at 10. (…) oh.. people are coming back now (people who got off our bus) .. so maybe its not open.

On the left.. the xx house… the address is no.1 London. No.1 London. No postcode needed… nor any other address… just No.1 London (it was really known as “no.1 hyde park” even though the real address is 200 sth sth. Apparently the its the no.1 most expensive apartments and had bulletproof windows. The building itself is earthquake proof)

So this is xxxx (another ticket seller) he’s walking away… loads of people here, so he’s gonna try to sell them… so We will wait here for people to get on … there! There! he’s coming running (a jogger) he wants to get on… (jogger passes) ohhh….

…apple road … there’s an iphone store there and its name is apple. Its name is apple and it is selling iphones. But its called apple .

You see on the left there… there’s a mark.. cross.. there.. with the cross.. did u see that? On the ground with the circle. That used to be a hanging place for criminals… used to be a lot of people…. its like the ancient days british got talent or x factor. The people come to watch the hanging with their family…. they get their food and drinks and get really drunk… drink that last drink and then the hanging starts.. get hung and the next day they get split headaches… they get a hangover u see… after the hanging is over … its hangover (didn’t see the cross but it really is for hanging.. and people do watch the hanging after the finished their food and drinks. There is a fake tree with branches enough to hang 25 people at one go. You can hang people for a lot of crimes.. including suicide. As the words of the other guide “basically they finish up for you.”)


This is the last year in which Cosfest will be held @ D’Marquee… which is why the theme/name for this cosfest is [final fantasy]. I was double-booked on day 1 and thus missed out a lot of people. And was running errand too. But day 2 I had more time. This year of cosfest was interesting. First time I helped a friend chiong costume, first time I made a piece of modern clothes from scratch. First time I took photo with Reika and interacted with Reika alone. First time I wasn’t with A and M all/most of the time.

And somehow, it was just coincidental that I decided to spread my past with my close friends this cosfest.. yes, these were what I was obsessed with before anime/manga/etc


And the cosplay photos. I think it is quite easy to see which cosplays are the more popular ones… and these people did well in these cosplays too.


But I wish that people pay attention to other cosplays too. This cosplay, for example, is so awesome I can’t help but request for a photo:


Friends kept reminding me to catch Monji’s performance… which turned out to be not in stage but in field. She did it!! She did what we always wanted to do. Only hers is a flash version.


Aren’t they all super cool? A flash mob of so many songs in the middle of the fields of cosfest.


Magi…. SO MUCH LOVE. I love Magi~ and magi cosplays~

Also gatchaman!!! I am so envious cos these people have the entire team, and I only had hajime when we did at AFA. But, please spread the love for gatcha!



Day 2 I was cosing with Ryan, and when we saw this Jean, we RAN for it. Hahhaa… and saw a VERY FAMILIAR FACE.


at the end of the day…..


I will end with this photo:

/end/ total 19 photos.

Through the Cloud Forest Dome

It’s been sometime. I am finally getting pictures edited… taking a break from making costume to clear the backlog before I go on vacation again. This was after the March trip, I went to Cloud Forest Dome at Gardens by the Bay, finally. We first took a small walk through Gardens by the Bay as you have to pass through to get to the domes. Below is an image of the chinese garden. The individual gardens were actually smaller than we thought to be, though the entire garden park by itself was large.     Now nearing the dome area. We bought our tickets for the cloud forest dome only and started to make our way to the cooling dome.

Can you tell how beautiful the place is? Be careful around the waterfall though, because the water slashes.   It’s beyond my expectations. I always knew this is cool and wanted to be here, but it is turning out to be entirely fulfilling to my kiddish self.   Ok, walking on those bridges were like… NOT COOL AND FUN… I was scared to death, but that is because I am scared of heights… I clinged onto my friend tightly and made sure I stayed in the middle. I don’t even dare to take a lot of photos, save to tease or photobomb my friend.

The snails below totally captured my heart. Mind you, I am not fond of snails naturally. Only these.

The flowers below definitely reminds me of GUNDAM.   So I guess that is one place they really did well, even though they messed up a lot of places. I wished they had done good in ALL of the other places which had so much potential.

- FINS / total 18 photos -

Kazaguruma Gang

When 0a meets, we sometimes have theme. It came naturally, as we discuss what we want to wear. I normally don’t face this problem when I go out with others, but when it comes to oa, it happens. So this time, we decided to go out in the theme of Yakuza. We had a lot of fun, eating and experiment…

The Food

Junior Lackey and Lady Boss

Junior Lackey and Senior Lackey

Senior Lackey and Lady Boss

I had a late card from M. But A held it up for me to take photo…… I would rather she glue the decorations than use the pegs… -..-

And Food Eating… and tea drinking…. /LOLs/.

 Experiment time starts……

The gang symbol only came when I saw the photos we took of ourselves wearing the pinwheel accessory A made for us all (I was staring at his pinwheel in admiration and envy when we met)… and Kazaguruma Gang was born…. well, we are just still oa.


And. As usual, we had to cheers…



[COSPLAY] J-obs @ the Cathay

Not too many photos. I only managed to took about 3 (and one of them was disrupted by security guard…. which I guess I should really explain.

J-obs [J-Obession] is a tiny event that spawns over 2-3 days with Japanese music and cosplay culture. It’s not huge and it centers at the entrance area in front of The Cathay (which is a mall centering around a movie theater). I was not too enthusiastic about it, but since friends ask if I am going and since I am passing by, I decided to pack my camera and take some photos. I only had about 30 minutes due to some lateness on my part. I decided to enter into the mall itself seeing that there are some stalls around for the event, and wanted to take photos of a cosplay as well, but the security guard came and wave us off…. which is rather surprising. I must say, enough with this bias. If you want to eat the earning pies of the cosplay culture, then you should not get people to wave us off for doing what we do. There are stalls inside, nobody said we are not allowed to pose for photos or take photos inside, and so why are you waving us off? We are not blocking the entrance to anything. Seriously I wish people would grow some sense. I hate to use bad words on people, especially on this blog, but you know some of these words describe these people perfectly.



Nubby’s link love – April

I am loving Nubby Twiglet’s link love.

Some of them include these:

“Never use the word ‘cheap’. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” (Karl Lagerfeld)

*gala Darling’s pep talk about style [which I totally agree with!]

* Marilyn Monroe and exercising


* Being aLONE.


* And finally this that explains what I am feeling and why I am feeling about Korean fashions.

Sri Lanka Report

Because someone wanted a report of my trip, I figured I’ll scratch it off the list asap.

! ! ! B E W A R E ! ! !

There, you’ve been warned as per above about the lengthy and uniquely me style I enjoy writing in.

Basically the trip is the first time I’ve sat on SIA, and I never desired SIA since Saru… but well, I came with an open mind // and started being humoured by the poor pronunciation skills by the entire team (How the hell did “please put on your seat belt securely” become “please put on your seat belt curely?”) // wishing for my thai airways as we munched into the “delicately prepared food” that just disappoints // swearing never to fall asleep because being woken up by a SIA air stewardess is embarrassing thing where people can hear you scream // browsing through the endless selection of movies just to see when the list will end // and ended up sleeping because I’m tired of pressing the button again (do they have like, 10 years supply of movies??? God.) // being amazed again and again by hotel rooms // buildings half built or destroyed or building in progress // made ill by the roller coaster road and wondering if I should tell the tour guide that I never take roller coasters // dunk down pills and realised woods cough drops work better than pills // drinking in the sights with a half drunken body // staring at elephants and cows and goats cross roads // calling every jean affectionately and promising a young jean that he’ll grow up to be big jean soon // lying in the car swearing this is a wrong decision and keeping barf down valiantly as I held my bladder // taking a dangerous climb to see serene buddha statues and realised I’ve only taken photo of the backside of the biggest golden buddha only // feeling epic fail and not buying “moon stone necklaces” because its a religious place and might cause problem for A and M // climbing a even higher and dangerous place the next day and keep repeating a) I’ll tip the guide more as this is my life he is keeping watch over // b) how the hell does the guide do this multiple times a day // c) my life is half gone // d) and my soul is gone from the scare // e) how the hell I managed to put one feet in front of the other again and again? // f) how did I last so long with only these thoughts? // g) I don’t even remember the climb the day before! // h) all these scare and half life gone just to see half naked women paintings done for a king who wasn’t even acknowledged // i) wondering why our own sumatra prince didn’t give us as rich of a history // refusing a flute player and his baskets of snakes because my wits are already halfway emptied out of my body and the remaining half just ain’t enough to deal with it

Catching our guide being naughty and making him bring us to places promised in our itinerary // feeling upset at seeing only tea making process but not the plantation up close // hating the buddhism no shoe or hat practice // sinhalese dance ending with fire walk // go to spice garden buying hair removal cream // snatching ginnngerrrr beer at the supermart because its the best we drank in our entire life // wishing I bought more than one can of ginger beer // finding out that our sg agents mess up our flights // locals help us confirm flight details // deleting photos because no more space in camera // missing sunrise in the beach because its a sunset beach we didn’t realise // guide caught us and took us to lagoon for an expensive boat ride with mangrooves (one more item off my to-do list!) // seeing huge crocodile skimming water with eyes and snout above water surface // no I wasn’t feel afraid // refusing to take anymore photos of squirrel // seeing awesome hindi temple (but no shoes and hat… again) // church is better // allow church cat to follow us and sleep near us while we stand at each point // spending all rupees on gifts // eating real indian food better than serangoon there // eating good chinese food // having four huge meals on last day // spending money again only on more ginger beer and measuring tape // happy to see half of cabin crew male // can sleep safety // giving up hope on SIA food and order safe one // and more failed moments from SIA crew (HELLO, your name is K.C. “LOW”, not K.C. “OH”) // chasing after friend after we said byebye because my precious ginger beer still with her // zipped it safety into my hand carry and say babye one last time

P.s. suggest SIA to use pre-recorded announcements

P.s.s. when your agency warn you to bring more memory card, you better do.

Belated Present

It was my friend birthday a few days after the new year. But the 10 odd yrs friend who always knew her birthday happened at an easy to remember date, and yet forgot about it. So here’s a belated gift for my friend, K, well-intended and well wrapped up.


I don’t really know what got into me. I was just wrapping normally with one of my supplies… then thought it was boring and decided to do a little decoration. Grabbed paper from my leftover supplies and made that flower using cut strips… and left over paper fastener. /LOL/ I figured that K can use the flower decoration for her desk and if she has any need for paper fasterners…..


Then… the day came in which I pull the gift out and put on the final touches… I positioned the flower and put the thought of how to incorporate the flower into the wrapped back into my head…. and decided I didn’t like the center idea. So I put it in a corner. It felt empty. While I considered that, I sorted out my art supplies and found some leftover crepe paper… so tested the length and glued the ends together. Slipped a paper underneath and stamped white and bronze all over with the stamp pad. Then more glue to secure the crepe paper onto the wrapper.


Finally, I decided to add tassel. I was looking for nice paper for tassel because they look better than pink yarn… but my hands got a mind of their own and started to wound the yarn into tassels. I decided it’s nice and added green washi tape as a last touch.

/ Materials / wrapping paper * crepe paper * thick paper * blu tack * paper fasterners * yarn washi tape * stamp pads

RIVER SAFARI [adventure in the riverbank]

Clearing up some 2013 backlogs… lazy me finally got down to editing all the photos from River Safari. It was a very enjoyable trip. River Safari to me is like the ZOO + AQUARIUM + NIGHT SAFARI {all in one} but WITHOUT the smell, the lack of variety, the extreme darkness. The only bad thing is that the glasses are too reflective and hinders with photo-taking. Also, the day in which we went to, the entire river boat ride and the animals around it was shut down. So we missed out on that. But it’s ok. We enjoyed ourselves plenty.


The great thing about the River Safari is it’s diversity based on the animals in the river, banks and its surrounding lands. I feel like I am brought back to a section of the world in the Wind in the Willows. The sheer diversity and the landscape makes the trip a superb one, and you really don’t expect to see such a place in little ole’ Singapore!

There are also interesting information scattered around. Unlike the zoo, these information are more interesting, showing human’s interaction with these animals, and the history of the two.

below are the /tortoises and turtles/



Just look at their beautiful whiskers and other features! I feel like a student again, chasing the animals with the cameras and learning so many thing (which I will no doubt forget in time)

Did you spot the crocodile in the picture above? They sure know how to hide! There will be more crocodile photos below.



The above are the spotted sting rays. The below are the stingrays you see in the video I posted last year.


The cranes are interesting. I was quite unwilling to leave them… which can be said about the other animals too… but well. We saw the white cranes first, but at the far background of the left side were two black ones. They look like bad guys (I guess I am such a kid, lols), and as soon as this black one approached, it spread its wings as if to warn the others off, and the white one in the pond quickly retreated and joined the others on the land.

/crocodiles/ as promised! I am calling these two lovers even though they probably aren’t

you probably saw the one below before. It’s rather cute in the photo, it’s crawling underwater, and if you see in real life, its pretty interesting. I don’t want to join it though.

In between the animals, I enjoyed looking at the /landscape/, which showed a whole new Singapore to me!

The different animals that are featured in the River Safari were catagorised according to the river they belong to. That makes it all the more interesting. The concept and design is interesting, the only thing is I wished they had completed everything before opening and avoid the disappointment of many who came before us (even we were slightly disappointed with closed sections but at least we came knowing that everything is built, and not cheated by advertisements)

The photo below wasn’t in true colours. I changed the leaves to yellow as they look better. And also changed the shade of the building a little.


Notice there are two in the photo.

And finally~~ We came for the pandas, but at the end of the day, I love the red pandas more than the giant pandas.

Food for the giant pandas. You can see me and my friend here. Like I said, the glasses are too reflective.

Giant Panda  Kaikai. Jiajia I only saw through the live feed while she played with the benches in her room.

/sea otters/
I can’t decide which one I liked more, the sea otters or the red panda…. ahhh…

/and below are our souvenirs/

byebye~ I will visit River Safari again to see the animals we missed out, but not this year.

/This was a base libel on Badger, who, though he cared little about Society, was rather fond of children; but it never failed to have its full effect./

Christmas’ Givings

Christmas has been one of my favourite seasons. I love the mysterious and blissful atmosphere that cannot be duplicated in other festivals. So I always paid a bit more attention to this festival, and will always prepare in advance of it. Even though I wanted to give gifts to others, they are little little gifts, and I don’t want people to feel  obligations upon receiving the gifts. I hate that.  I also hate FORCED gift exchanges that denotes how much money you have to spend, at least. That just took away all the thought you put into for your recipient.

So these are the gifts for today… a little blur since I am always having trouble with the lighting in the room.

I wanted to use baby socks, but did not manage to find the ones I wanted. But the good thing about baby socks is that they are ALL so adorable, even if they are not the style you want.

For these two which is hard to tell each other apart (for which I do not gift them personally but ask the help of a santa friend to pass for me, I need to make sure they are correctly gifted), I decided to sew beads into them.

This is a “stolen” image from my friend, who took the image of my gift (including the m&s card – for which a portion of the sales would go to charity~~)

This is for a family. I didn’t like to trouble myself with calling to check if they will be around at home (bad, I know), so I prepared a LONG length of Yarn to tie the card to the parcel (also had the help of double sided tape) and the leftover was not cut but instead tied to their door gate.

And finally. This last one. This was for my friend who was in the Seasons cosplay. I HAD to buy this yellow umbrella which is so her theme “summer rain”.  It was a very bright, cheerful theme. And I could not resist tying her dollie to the brolly. lols.

\merry christmas\
\jingles bell\